Pep Talk for the Working Mama

To the mama heavy with guilt.

To the mama who is sitting in her office choking back the tears.

To the mama who literally feels her heart breaking.

To the mama who is questioning her motivations.

To the mama who feels like the day couldn't move any slower.

To the mama who hasn't seen her baby since yesterday.

To the mama who works outside the home and hears, "it gets easier with time," but it hasn't.


Remember you work to provide for that baby you're missing so badly.

Remember you are fortunate to have a job when many do not.

Remember that work is an opportunity to share your talents with the world.

Remember that work keeps you in the game career-wise and connected to the larger world.

Remember that you are providing a positive role model.

Remember each work day ends with an all encompassing bear hug — the best part.

Mama, when you're feeling the guilt overcome, remember hard days don't mean bad days. You can do hard things, because you're doing it for the ones you love. Today while at work, remember there is an end to every day. You are not the first mama to need a little reassurance and reminder that you can do what seems impossible. Maybe work isn't always where you want to be, but it is a push and pull. You are strong and smart. Be fully present, whether you are at work or at home.

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