Introducing the Herrick Home

If you would have told me a year ago that it would be nearly 12 months until my next blog post, I would never have believed it. But as other mamas know, life gets busier when you add a kiddo into the mix. Especially once they start cruising through the house like they own it all. Anyway, let's see...where did we leave off? Valor's six month birthday. Since then here is what's been going on:

  • Valor got his DOC band and wore it for three months
  • Celebrated our six year wedding anniversary
  • Nick and I both stood up in my sister's wedding
  • Valor was dedicated at church
  • Valor's got his first (and second) haircut and now desperately needs a third!
  • Had a big huge 1st birthday party
  • Valor was discharged from feeding therapy — but still continues his weekly aquatic, occupational and physical therapies
  • Found our (fixer upper) dream house unexpectedly
  • Decided to put our townhouse up on the market to see if it would sell...and it did within one weekend — so we bought our dream house
  • And that about brings you up-to-date, in a very brief sense!

So here we are... Our home was built in 1957 and is an all original quad-level home sitting on a half-acre lot. We live across the street from an awesome park with a pond for wintertime iceskating, our backyard backs up to the elementary school's soccer field, and literally around the corner from my parents. The couple who sold us the house are in their 90's and needed to downsize. The husband was a photographer and purchased this house in his 20's for $15,000... too bad we couldn't have purchased it for that price! Haha. Anyway, I wish the walls could talk because I know this house was always full since the couple then raised their family of five daughters here. The history is fascinating!

Eventually we will say adios to the (not my favorite) brown siding.

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  1. I love your vision. This house seems like home already with its wonderful floor plan and the whole back with the amazing picture windows looking out in your yard. What potential!! The best is that we can walk between our homes. I'm happy for you family.