Happy Half Birthday

Dearest Valor,

Happy six months. The time has gone by in a blur! Last night we celebrated your six months of life with a party! You wore a red felt crown with "1/2" proudly on the front. Your Papa, Grandma, Aunt Joy and Uncle Jeremy all came to celebrate you. You opened presents and I made a half cake — dark chocolate layered with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.

I cannot believe how many things you've learned to do in the last month! While sucking on your fingers, you've finally found your thumb. You learned how to roll over, tummy to back. Speaking of tummy, you're doing so much better at tummy-time and it makes me so proud. You've been working so hard at it! While laying on your back you can roll side-to-side. You are now reaching out to grab toys and are able to hold onto them. Baby boy, you have the biggest greatest smiles, now paired with screeches of joy! Your lungs are strong and can produce loud, happy screams. You've started to reach towards your toes and you'll probably fully discover them this next month.

I am so happy you are my little boy! You are loved — always and forever,