Babymoon Staycation Recap

Sometimes coming off a weekend can be a little hard when the 5:00 am alarm sounds on Monday morning. Or maybe a little hard when sitting in traffic or sitting in a meeting that's dragging on way too long. But this Monday I am tired, but still flying a bit high from my excellent weekend — my babymoon staycation with Husband. Yes, it's back to the grind for us. Yes, by 7:00 am today we already had major discussions of budget, school loan payments and what on earth we are going to do about childcare, but that has definitely not taken away the wonderful memories of a well-spent weekend.

This past loooong weekend, Husband and I dedicated it as our babymoon staycation. Friday we slept in (ahhhh), I made red-white & blueberry cinnamon rolls. We leisurely enjoyed piping hot coffee on our patio and simple, laid-back conversation.

We went to the local 4th of July parade, then came home and enjoyed more of each other's company on our patio, took a nap and made grilled vegan pizza. The day closed at a local firework display with a couple of dear friends.

Saturday we took a day trip to Milwaukee and toted Braxton along with us. We shopped the South Shore Farmer's Market, purchased a big, warm bag of fresh kettle corn, sat underneath a huge maple tree to snack on our purchase, enjoyed the live musician and watched a local painter sit and recreate the lively scene on his stretched canvas.

A little later Saturday we walked along the lakeshore, soaked in the glistening water dotted with sailboats. Honestly, I don't know what could make for a more beautiful or relaxing scene. Then we finished up our day enjoying vegan burgers on the Stack'd patio — a local beer for Husband and a local root beer for me. On our way out of town, we had to stop at Babe's, which has a huge selection of vegan ice cream and toppings — talk about a happy pregnant woman!

Sunday again was very low-key and a much needed day of rest. For brunch we went to Barbakoa, a local modern Latin bistro and ate way too much! We ordered pomegranate-ginger-habenero nojitos (a virgin mojito) — probably the best and most fun drink I've had since being pregnant. Haha! Waiting for our meal, we noshed on a guacamole and salsa flight. Corn, wild mushroom and fire roasted poblano tacos on homemade corn tortillas, sushito peppers, and for a sweet finish — cantaloupe, watermelon, jicima, and pineapple, dusted with a spicy piquin pepper powder. Is this post making you hungry? 

We closed out our babymoon staycation, way too fat and happy. We spent the rest of our Sunday afternoon walking around a nearby outdoor shopping center and bought Valor the cutest little sweater. So maybe we didn't go on the actual vacation that we were hoping for, but we did get dedicated time together. Time where we pushed everything aside — conversations of to-do checklists, schedule logistics, and whatever other everyday business we need to take care of, and just soaked in the weekend together which, as you know, is an extreme rarity for our family. I am just so blessed to call Nick my Husband and very soon, Valor's dad. There isn't a better guy out there for me or our family!