Dearest Valor: Our Secret Bond

To My Dearest Valor,

I was thinking about you early this morning, like I always do. But this time I was thinking about our special, secret bond we share. For this short moment in time, for a quick nine months, I am carrying two heartbeats - yours and mine. And we share our secret language that no one else knows - just you and me. It's your small, strong kicks and movements. I love and cherish each movement you make. It's so fun, special and secret. You move around, letting me know you're there, but no one else can feel it. I just cannot wait to meet you and discover the bond we will have when you arrive. I daydream of all the adventures we are going to have together. I wonder what our thing might be. But for now, I'm enjoying our secret bond that know else can feel or know. It's just you and me.

Oh, I love you so much already. xoxo

Forever & Always,