The Wide World of Disposable Diapers

When people think of becoming a mom or dad, they think cute chubby babies and lots of cuddles. But let me tell you something no one seems to tell you — there are so many decisions to be made!

Genetic testing?
Would you like to find out the gender?
What prenatal vitamins to take?
What crib has the best features for your family's individual needs?
What car seat is safest?
There only hundreds of stroller options — which one makes the most sense?
Every. Single. Thing. a baby needs has at least a handful of brands — then versions — then colors! Oh. My. Goodness! And all these decisions need to be made before the little bundle of happiness arrives.

This week, I decided to conquer the world of diapers. To start with...cloth or disposable? Personally for our family schedule, disposable are really the only option for us. Originally I thought I had it all figured out...until recently talking to a friend and finding out the diaper brand I had planned on using was much more expensive than many others that also get great reviews. I had planned on spending a bit more on diapers because I wanted the best for my little babe and the environment! So I sat down and decided to do my research. I made a chart to show what is the most cost-effective disposable diaper brand.

So in the end, the above chart really helped us out with our diaper brand decisions. If you too are in the diaper-world dilemma, hopefully this chart can help you too. I've shared this chart with a few friends and they have said it was helpful too!

If you have personal experience or thoughts on disposable diapers you've used, I'd love to hear!

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  1. We use Sam's club diapers and wipes. Never had any troubles. Seems that they don't carry newborns though so we use huggies that we get at sams too. Look at the cost of wipes too. They cost about half as much at Sam's or Costco than at the regular grocery store. And you will be using a lot of wipes! - Megan