The Day I Met An Angel

Today I met an angel. I was rushing to catch the train, I parallel parked in three different spots, the first two meters were broken. After I finally got parked and payed my meter, I briskly walked to the station. I stepped in and the ticket booth was closed. With only my credit card, I went up to the coffee counter and asked the casual man in a baseball cap and glasses if I could purchase something and receive cash back. He told me that he wasn't able to do that. And this is the very moment I met my angel. The angel was the man behind the coffee counter. He looked at me as he opened his register, pulled out a ten dollar bill, and handed it to me. He smiled and said, "you can just pay me back next time you're in the station." "Are you sure?" I asked the angel. He was confident and kind as he reassured me that he was more than happy to help me out, as the ticket booth was unusually closed.

I'm so thankful for this angel as I was battling morning sickness and was a bit stressed to get downtown for a meeting, just to quickly turn back around to get to my mid pregnancy OB appointment and ultrasound.

Have you ever encountered an angel? I'm so glad God arranges these awesome meetings to remind us of His greatness. To remind us that He is in control and there is no need to stress or worry because He goes before us, behind us and beside us. God is even into the details. There are no surprises to Him and God was definitely reminding me of this, this morning.

Thank you Lord.

Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your Heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you far more valuable to Him than they are? Matthew 6:26


  1. Good stuff! You should check out the book "Angels: God's Secret Agents" by Billy Graham.