Happy Mother's Day

If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been. —Robery Brault

Today I am celebrating my first Mother's Day! I know many people don't count you as a mother until you're actually holding the babe in your arms, but we don't think like that around here. I am already a mommy as this little one continues to grow and thrive within me. 

This Mother's Day, I need to thank my own mom for who she as been in my life — the perfect roll model as I become a mom myself. I am thankful for her friendship, leadership, and so many of her attributes, but mostly her strength. I am thankful to have watched my mom growing up, as a working mom. One thing that has been interesting as Husband and I start our family is the number one question, "Are you going to stay at home after the baby arrives?" And honestly I have struggled a bit with that because so many of my friends do stay at home, which I admire. And this is why I am thankful I watched my mom work throughout my whole life, owning her own business. I did and still view her as a powerful and wildly successful woman. She has taught me that I can continue in the career path that I love and that I have worked so hard to achieve, yet also be an excellent mom.

I recently read an article, Talented Women, Please DO NOT QUIT, and it really reassured my decision to go back to work after maternity leave. It reminded me that my mom is a talented woman and I am a talented woman, we are strong and can forge forward in our careers AND be fantastic moms! With a heavy professional workload I am going to have to learn to make the most of my time when at home and I know this is possible because my mom always made time for us along with many great adventures. I do not look back on my childhood feeling like she worked all the time, but I remember the times we would go shopping together, visit the zoo, bake cookies together, playing games, the amazing birthday parties she would throw, memorable holidays, and so much more. Nothing was missing from my childhood because she was a career-working mom.

In short, I know God picked my mom to be MY mom because she is the perfect role model for me. She has taught me that I can be a professional without lacking in the mom department. Thank you Mom for showing me how to be a mom someday and I'm so eager that day is so soon!

And for those who haven't seen this video yet, watch it! Moms have the world's toughest job...

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