Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

This Monday has been a long awaited day for your Daddy and me. We will get to see your sweet picture during our ultrasound and find out if you are a boy or a girl. It almost seems surreal that that this day has come, since I have dreamed of you since I was young. Daddy and I are eager to call you by name and we have it already selected.

We cannot wait to rock you, sing songs and play. As I sit and type this letter to you, the windows are open, the lovely spring breeze is flowing through our home and I hear all the neighbor kids outside playing. I let Braxton, our puppy dog out, he lays in the cool green grass and watches the kids play. I have a feeling you'll like being outdoors just like your puppy, Daddy and me.

Little one, you are so blessed because you are going to have the greatest Daddy around. Your Daddy is my best friend and I know he is going to be your hero. I daydream, often wondering if you'll be more like Daddy or more like me...

Will you be a quiet soul or a big talker?
Will you be a runner or a tennis player?
Will you want to be a scholar or an artist?
Will you be tall or short?
Or maybe you'll just be the perfect mix.

One thing I do know is you're going to love adventure and be a big dreamer because your Daddy and I are the same in that regard!

I think about you constantly and am eagerly waiting for you.


Forever & Always,


  1. A wonderful Mother's day gift for all of us! Grandpa and Grama