Slow Season


People talk about their "slow seasons." Can someone please tell me when slow season is? Because if I knew I'd be jumping on that train — like today! Slow season...pffff...I think it must be a fictional thing. Or maybe I picked the wrong life. Or maybe slow season just isn't in my personality type. All I know is there is no such thing as slow season — ever. I look back about five years ago and I can see a glimpse of slow, but it is far in the distance, I can barely get a glimpse or remembrance of it.

People talk about "in the new year, when things slow down..." What?! Please sign me up for that life track. Really, slow? You're going to tell me that is still a thing?

As I type this blog post, I look around me...there is a pen, pliers, hammer, bills, a bag of chips, Christmas gift labels and a mug of lukewarm coffee. My life is anything but slow.

Rushing from crazy 2014 strategic planning at work to Thanksgiving travels to Christmas and straight into a brand new shiny year. Whew! Do you feel any slow in that?

My concern without slow season is that I may be missing the true meaning of the holiday season. Thankfulness at Thanksgiving. A Savior being born at Christmas. Time with loved ones. The splendor of it all.

Through this non-slow season I am trying to find a little bit of slow. In my current life, I need to create my own slow. Maybe it is only 30 minutes so sit down a type out a blog post or meet a friend for coffee or to sit in silence and trying revel in the meaning of the holiday season. But, I encourage you to step back for a moment and realize your current busyness and remember, holidays are about experiences and people. It is tuning in to the current moment. Don't focus on the mess and tasks all around you. Remember the reason for the season.

May God bless you during this holiday season and may we keep Him in our hearts all year long.

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  1. What a perfect post to remind us all to take a moment to breathe and open our eyes and see the wonder and togetherness the holidays bring!