Welcome to the family little Braxton.

Husband and I have discussed the prospect of growing our family with a pup over the years but each discussion, the timing just wasn't right. So we would say, someday....knowing in the future we would be able to welcome a sweet pet into our home. Since we bought our new home, the discussion has come up numerous times, but yet again we decided to wait.

Funny how things change so quickly.

Sunday, 1:00 pm
This past Sunday I was at home alone, cooking in my kitchen and I had this aching and I wished so badly that I had the company of a sweet pup. So of course I flip open my laptop and start searching for dogs for sale.

You probably know where this is leading, right?

2:00 pm
So I open my laptop and do a quick search — I find a few that might be good for our family, so I copy the links and email them to Husband. At this point I am excited of the idea but there are quite a few hours before Husband would be home from work, so I went back to cooking.

5:20 pm
Husband walks in the door from work and I bombard him with:

Me: Did you see my email?!
Husband: No...
Me: Well I decided today I really want a pup for company. I sent you an email with a few that I found!
Husband: silence...pulls out his phone and looks at the emails
Me: So what do you think? What one is your favorite?
Husband: he shows me his favorite

(Cute, right?)

Me: Should I contact them to see if he's still available?!
Husband: Yea let's go for it...but let's discuss this a bit first.
Me: There is nothing to discuss! We already have! It would be a good thing!
Husband: True, we have talked about it over and over.
Me: This is just too perfect and falling into place...

5:33 pm
So after we decided on our favorite pup in our in-depth, decision-making conversation (Ha!) I texted the owner to schedule a visit.

Wednesday, 6:00 pm
Three days later, we finally got to go see the sweet little pup. Oh my goodness those few days were like torture — I guess I need a lesson in patience or something. I was so eager. I was so worried someone else would buy him before we arrived. So many emotions — I mean I had waited my whole entire life for this little guy. I know it sounds dramatic, but it is true.

Growing up, as a child, I always wanted a dog, but our family just wasn't the dog-type of family (or so I thought). To be brief, while Husband and I were on our honeymoon I got an excited call from my mom and sister saying, we bought a dog! Are you like kidding me? They waited until I got out of the house?! So that is the quick history on me saying, I've waited for this sweet dog my whole life. It's the truth.

Wednesday, 8:15 pm
We got to bring home our new sweet addition to the family.

Our sweet little Braxton is a three-year old maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix) who has the most wonderful personality. He is full of energy and ready to play. Braxton already thinks he's our shadow and I love that!

Photos to come!

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  1. Congrats on your new addition! So adorable, can't wait to see more pictures. He will be a great companion and part of your family. So excited and happy for you guys!