Finding True-Self

Life is circular, we find ourselves at a point that we believe is the peak, yet we fall around the circle and eventually hitting that so called peak yet again. And so it goes...

How do we find our true-selves amongst life's noise and chaos? Where do we find our calling? How do we find what we were made to do? Is this supposed to be a continual feat to the end?

I do believe that we are supposed to grow and learn our entire lives, so yes, I believe finding our true-selves is something we continue to do through all of our existence. Yet, I also believe that we need to find peace in the life stage we are in. This is hard.

Personally I am learning a lot. Learning how to make the most of my current life stage, to remember my blessings, to feel full and satisfied of what is here and now.

From the fullness of His grace we have
all received one blessing after another.
John 1:16

But the question is, how do I find my true-self? Or more than finding, is it creating our true-self? We need to cut ourselves out of the human mold and build ourselves from within — our answers are in our own individual hearts — the answer to our identity. The journey to find your true-self is probably the longest journey to embark upon but I wholeheartedly believe it's going to be well worth it.

So cheers for a chance to invent ourselves — our true-selves. Reach deep within and reconnect with yourself because that is where you'll find truth.

Let's become the most authentic version of ourselves.

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