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Hi all, guess what? We closed on our new home this past week! And I know many of you have been eager to see the space — especially friends and family who live out of state. For the next month we are cleaning up the house, painting everything, buying new appliances, replacing the laundry room flooring and then will be moving in 4th of July weekend! Without further ado, our townhome:

Private side entrance
Patio — I can't wait to pull out our first house warming gift! A new grill from my parents.
 Three things we love about our new home: wood flooring throughout, large windows and the open floor plan.
 Oh, and did I forget to mention the vaulted ceilings?

Or the fact that the kitchen is about five times larger than what I work in now? 
Granite countertops and brand new stainless steel appliances — who could complain? Look at all the workspace!

Heat lamp in the ceiling, jacuzzi tub and cubbies for bath supplies.
Right now, this is the scary room. Bad lighting and old yucky stained vinyl sticky tiles.  I have plans for this room. I think it may even make me like doing laundry. Oh wait, did I just say that?
Last but not least, a garage spot for my Prius!

I hope you enjoyed the quick home tour. Keep an eye out for the final tour later on this summer. Now I am off to paint! Happy weekend.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!

  2. Kara,
    This place looks awesome! I'm excited just looking at the pics, and am totally stoked that Sarah and I will be up this weekend to be able to get a live tour! I must admit that I'm a little jealous but really eager to see what you and Nick turn this place into. Thanks for the photo tour!