Magenta Juice

This juice is seriously the best. It is a gold in magenta form. Nick and I felt the need to try out a new juice and take a break from the green juice one day. When we travel to Milwaukee we both love going to the Public Market's juice bar for fresh beet juice. So why not try it out at home? This juice is very bright on the palate with an earthy finish — ooooh soooo good!

Magenta Juice
2 beets
2 cucumbers
4 apples
4 oranges
6 tomatoes
2 lemons
a small container of mint leaves
4 sticks of celery

Clean produce and push through your juicer. This recipe makes about 64 oz. of juice. 

Give it a try, I don't know who wouldn't love this! Do you have a favorite juice recipe? Share it!

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