How To: Seed a Pomegranate

A while back I promised a tutorial on how to quickly and easily seed a pomegranate. Obviously I am a bit camera shy and it has taken me a while to finally cut to the chase and create a video for you all.

My first tutorial — even in video! Here is the time that you should feel so blessed. Ha...okay, well you can judge that after you watch. So here goes nothing...

Do you have any special kitchen tricks?


  1. Awesome! Love the music and written-narration tutorial style :) Very easy to understand!

  2. Very professionally done! And what a lifesaver...thank you for posting, well worth the wait. My kitchen will no longer look like a massacre just occurred with my old method of randomly stabbing and scraping at the pomegranate!

    1. So glad my tutorial is going to be helpful to you! Now, time to go buy some pomegranates.