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Just a mere ten days until Christmas. Are you done with your shopping? I'm just waiting for a few items to arrive in the mail, but other than that, most of my gifts are wrapped and nestled under the tree.

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Do you have a kitchen guru in your life and you are at a loss for what to get him or her? This list is compiled of some of my favorite kitchen items.

1. An excellent apron — To be honest, I don't wear many aprons, but I like the idea of them. Maybe that could be on my new years resolutions/goal wear aprons more often when cooking. Does that count as a resolution? I resolve to wear aprons in 2013.

2. Over-the-sink wooden cutting board — This is a must-have item in my kitchen. Cutting on wood is so much better than any material. Come on people, plastic stinks. But more so, there is a place to clean your fresh fruits and veggies or use the colander as a waste receptacle. And finally, this board saves counter space while resting over an open sink. This is key, especially when you live in a small apartment like me!

3. Citrus squeezer — Look at all your recipes. How many call for freshly squeezed citrus? Um, hello...a lot! This kitchen gadget saves the pain of getting lemon juice in small cuts (gross, sorry) and extracts way more than pure human hands could possibly squeeze.

4. Garlic press — What can I say? Pure genius. Reducing the need to walk around with your hands smelling like you have a fistful of garlic cloves. Not to mention all the time you'll save, not mincing garlic cloves.

5. Adorable kitchen towels — In my kitchen, I always have a cute, decorative tea towel on the handle of my oven. Who wouldn't want this lovely, script-y, ray of sunshine, calendar towel?

6. Stove top espresso maker — This is always out in my kitchen and used frequently. Mmm, this maker quickly brews an extremely rich, full-flavored coffee on the stove top (obviously).

7. Cookbook stand — A stand, similar to this one is another item that is always out on the counter, displaying a delicious recipe along a beautiful photograph. Keep your recipe books propped open as well as free from splatters.

Well that about does it from the essential cooking holiday gift guide.

Do you have a special kitchen gadget you couldn't live without? Share, I am sure other readers would enjoy a few more ideas for their holiday shopping!

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  1. I am hoping for an immersion blender which seems like a how can I live without item, I do not have a cookbook holder which is another thing I should ask for. I usually use a can of something, a heavier serving spoon, or my spoon rest to hold a cookbook open-is that bad? I would say my must have though are my food processors-one big and one small and they both take up real estate on my counter quite often!