17 Weeks

I'm finally getting to the point in this pregnancy where people who don't know, are looking at me and asking when I am due! It is a pretty strange thing, really. Then they ask "how have you been feeling?" Um, well to be honest, not that great. — And that is usually not what they expect me to say. But they asked, right? Pregnancy for me has been the most bizarre experience. I have been so elated, that even though I've been battling "morning" sickness and was hospitalized, I actually really have been savoring pregnancy. Yes, there are points when it hasn't been fun, but overarching, I like it. I guess in my head, I know that these months have been a struggle, but once this little baby of ours arrives, it will all be worth it.

16 week photo

Quote: To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, throughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited. — Anne Buchanan & Debra Klingsporn

Baby Size: Our baby is the size of a pear, weighing approximately 5.9 ounces and measuring 5.1 inches!

Weight Gain: After being admitted into the ED last week, I had a follow-up appointment with my primary OB, at my weigh-in, I had gained two pounds, totaling in three!

"Morning" Sickness: As I've mentioned before, I was prescribed zofran to help me maintain my nausea and keep down my meals, and it was working! Until I got two put-me-out-of-commission migraines...So today is day three without taking the zofran. Without the medication I've been battling the nausea and some vomiting, but not as bad as before. Hopefully sometime in this second trimester I'll get over the "morning" sickness stage and get back to feeling 100%. Time will tell! In the meantime, I'll continue snacking on toast and hope my doctor allows me to stay off the zofran.

Excited for: Three things...
1. To hopefully, sometime soon, start feeling the baby's movements.
2. Tuesday I have the day off work with Husband and we are going to work on our registry. I'm super eager because we rarely ever have a day off to be together!
3. Thursday I have another doctors appointment and my mom is going to join us — she wants to hear our little pear's heartbeat!

Thankful for: I am overwhelmed how caring all my friends, family, coworkers and Husband have been through these first few months. Nothing could replace how remarkable they each are!

Next up for my Saturday, I need to plan this week's menu. This whole pregnancy, menu planning has been a huge struggle! As you know, especially since this blog usually is mostly about food, I love menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking. But, oh boy...now it is like pulling teeth! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that nothing even sounds that good to eat. This past week Husband uncovered our grill and I made veggie kabobs and herbed quinoa. If anyone has any great, simple menu ideas, I am all ears!

Happy Saturday!

Praying for Boring

Most pregnant women are eager for the excitement of their first pregnancy — I was too. Excited to be pregnant. Excited to know, boy or girl? Excited to feel those first kicks. Just plain excited...Don't get me wrong, I am still eager for those same things, but more than that, I am praying for boring.

This pregnancy started out great, then turned into "morning" sickness. Then...yesterday...a fun admission into the emergency department. But let me start from the beginning:

Sunday was a beautiful day. My mom and I leashed up our pups and took advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather. I had a headache but didn't think much of it. I just took note to drink an extra glass of water when I got home. Maybe a bit of dehydration, I thought. As the afternoon progressed, so did the headache. I struggled to make dinner as the pain became increasingly worse and sent me to bed. The following morning, Monday, I woke up with a still significant headache but had a full schedule at work. I got through my morning routine and arrived at work. At this point, I just want to say how thankful I am that I work at a hospital and am surrounded by wonderful healthcare professionals. Struggling to work through the headache, I mentioned it to my boss and she suggested that I run down to the emergency department to have my blood pressure checked. Personally, I hadn't thought much of the headache being a risk for my pregnancy, just a terrible headache. So, I took a trip downstairs to the ED, not expecting much. I was streamlined into triage for a blood pressure reading. As it turns out, my reading was significantly high and they admitted me. Let me note, I always have quite low readings... I called my dearest Husband who quickly made the hour drive to my hospital. I was swiftly given a room in the ED, they hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff for readings every 15 minutes, took vile upon vile of blood, a urine sample, gave me IV fluids and eventually sent me for an ultrasound.

Praise the Lord that the ultrasound was good, baby's heart rate was a healthy 153 bpm. Over my 4.5 hour admission, my blood pressure was brought back down to a normal and healthy range, I got rehydrated and all my labs came back with a stamp of approval to go home for rest. This morning I have a follow-up appointment with my OB and I am simply praying for boring...or simply the right kind of excitement. All your prayers are much appreciated!

15 Weeks

I have this whole weekend to myself and no plans. This is disastrous. There are less than six months until our baby arrives and there is so much to do! Being a first time mom, I'm somewhat on the lost side. What are the priorities? Picking out the crib? Complete a baby registry? Sign up for birthing classes? Clean out the garage to make room in the nursery? Paint the rocker and changing table? Think about a nanny or daycare arrangements for when I go back to work (yes, I am going to be a full-time working mom)? Ignore all responsibilities and surf pinterest on the couch all day? Maybe it is because I am a planner, but without plans I somehow cannot decide what to do! I know decorating the nursery is at the bottom of the totem poll at this point, but that is all I really want to do...I'll blame it on my pregnancy brain (it is a real thing).

Right now I think I just need some quiet time. It is hard to believe that I am already in my second trimester. I'm starting to look pregnant rather than just a woman that needs to get her running shoes on and work off the winter fat. It is becoming more and more exciting every passing day. Husband and I cannot wait for the day that our baby makes his or her appearance. We are planning, hoping and praying for health. 

Quote: Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle. ~Erma Bombeck

Baby Size: Our baby is the size of a navel orange, weighing approximately 2.5 ounces and measuring 4 inches!

Weight Gain: I've gained one pound so far, but seems odd since I look bigger than that. It has been really neat to see the transition and proof that there is a baby growing inside of me!

Fatigue: I'm gaining more energy as the pregnancy progresses. I've been starting to stay up in the evenings past 8:00 pm! I've recently been able to stay up until 9:00 pm — party animal!

"Morning" Sickness: Thankfully the zofran that my doctor prescribed is really helping.

Baby Names: We have a boy and girl name selected.

Excited for: Oh my, there is so many things! But right now, I am counting down the days until we find out if our little one is a boy or girl...Only about five or six weeks away!

Thankful for: Husband. He has been so wonderful this whole pregnancy so far. He has been caring and sympathetic. Husband has been patient as cooking has not been an easy task for me with the nausea and aversions. As I am starting to feel better with the zofran, I am eager to get back in the kitchen and cook meals for him. Also, for my dear friend Alison, who is throwing my first baby shower in May!

Help: Moms, if you have any tips on registering for the first time! Please comment below. What items are you so glad you registered for and were there any that were just a waste? Thanks so much!

A Blessing

For years, Husband and I have talked about having our own family some day. We even talked about it back in our dating years. And in the last (almost) five years of marriage we've talked about when the right time would be...well at it seems, now is the right time. But I guess truly there isn't ever a right time, as you hear everyone tell you, when it comes down to practicality. But God knows the perfect timing and Husband and I trust and rest in this fully.

So on January 20th I found out I was carrying an amazing blessing, our little baby! Before taking the at-home pregnancy test, I was anxious. I so wanted the test to be positive, but was preparing myself for a negative — it was our first month trying and almost all of my friends took a few months or even years to see that beautiful positive sign on the stick.

First month trying and with unneeded anxiousness, Husband and I are blessed! Our little one will be arriving at the end of September.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
{Philippians 4:6}

Today is the start of my second trimester and I hope all I hear is true. I'm ready for the glow! The first trimester went by very fast but I really struggled with "morning" sickness, yet it was all-day sickness for me. This past week I went to see my OB for a regular appointment and shared that I was still nauseous constantly and getting sick. Thankfully he was able to prescribe me zofran, and that seems to be helping.

Both Husband's and my families are just as thrilled as we are. We are so excited to meet this little blessing of ours this fall.

Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day!

As you've probably noticed, The Passionate Parsley page has been a little quiet recently, but has been popping up around the web! Everyone is getting ready for their St. Patrick's Day menus. Personally, I don't know what I'll be making this year, but like always, I will be making a loaf of Irish soda bread. This past week I've been so honored that my vegan Irish stew has been featured on three websites!

Check them out (links below each photo):

Check out all three sites for great St. Patrick's Day recipe ideas and I'd love to hear what everyone is going to make this year!